MasterChef: Carlos Báez is the favorite to win the competition

MasterChef: Carlos Báez is the favorite to win the competition

For this challenge, famous people did not cook at the same time, each of the participants had 60 minutes to make their dish and the first to start was Tatán followed by Carlos, Chicho, Ramíro and Cristina last. Another big surprise tonight was that the jurors were not the diners, but the people of the area, precisely for knowing the native flavors.

For the competition, the strategies were divided, some thought of doing something with which the diners felt in tune, while others thought surprise ‘the new jurors’.

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In the case of Tatan Mejia he went for the local and his plus was innovation, wanting to enter through the eyes; Carlos Baez he thought of a more elegant dish where the prawns were the key piece and the mashed banana its wild card; boy used shrimp and potato croquettes; Ramiro Meneses based his dishes on fish, corozo sauce and additionally, he ‘gave little flowers’ to the diners and Cristina Campuzano surprised with chicken breast and fish in their preparations.

Despite the fact that the five participants gave their all and the comments of the guests were generally positive, the results were as follows: Chicho received 2 points, Cristina 4, Ramiro 6, Tatán 8 and the imminent winner was Carlos Báezthus assuring a position for the MasterChef Celebrity finale.

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