MasterChef: Another flavor illiterate is saved from going to the elimination challenge

MasterChef: Another flavor illiterate is saved from going to the elimination challenge

How did the celebrities do with their sweet dish?

The first to pass was Manuela Gonzalez and his dish was called “Pecan Pie de Arequipe”. The plate arrived in a container that was very difficult to remove from the mold, so when he tried to transfer it to another plate, everything was destroyed. Despite this, he swore that it was delicious.

the next was Cristina Campuzano and presented “bebé de arequipe” and the presentation was not the best. And although he was in his plans not to present the plate, he still made it to the lectern.

The third to pass was isabella santiago. For his part, Jorge Rausch said that the chantilly cream was delicious. Nicolás de Zubiría said that he lacked a little salt, but that it was very good. However, it lacked crispness and past sugar.

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The fourth to pass was Aida Morales and presented “Mom, you don’t know it all”. Cristopher Carpentier said that the plating was very ugly.

immediately passed Estiwar G. His set was called “Raíces”, but it was not the best dish he presented because of how he plated it.

then it happened Ramiro Meneses and delivered “Sweet love”. She presented a churro that looked delicious and the judges really liked it.

finally happened corozo and delivered “Me alfajé”. Nicolás said that he was surprised, because a few weeks ago he did not even know how to make an egg and with this dish he was captivated. So much so that he he won his smack in the face of Jorge Rausch.

Therefore, he was the one who won the challenge and took off his black apron.

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