Massive accident in Guantanamo leaves several dead and injured

A car accident The mass attack took place early Monday morning in the province of Guantánamo, with a balance of several deaths and injuries, according to official media.

The accident occurred when a passenger truck traveling to Puriales de Caujerí collided with a tree. The tragedy occurred in the place known as Loma de Mariana, a mountainous area of ​​the San Antonio del Sur municipality, the local newspaper reported. overcome.

So far, four deaths (two men and two women) and 15 injured have been recorded, four of them in pediatric age: two adolescents aged 17 and 15, and two 8-month-old children, according to Leonel Blanco García, deputy director of Provincial Medical Assistance.

“The 11 injured adults out of the fifteen who, until now, were reported injured victims of the massive passenger accident, have been received at the General Teaching Hospital Agostinho Neto de Guantanamo,” said the manager, quoted by the local newspaper.

In the case of the four minors involved, they are treated at the Provincial Pediatric Hospital.

Yorleidis Mesón Favier, one of the passengers in the accident vehicle, told overcome They left with around 30 people from Puriales de Caujerí at 3:10 AM, but the truck turned off just before going up Loma de Mariana.

Mesón Favier, who was traveling in the driver’s cab between the driver and the crusher (driver’s assistant), was trying to make the motor system react due to an alleged blockage, when the vehicle began to roll backwards and the driver maneuvered against a tree to stop it and that it did not continue in a straight line adrift.

“Thanks to that, it did not overturn and there was no greater human loss. Although we yelled at the passengers not to jump out of the vehicle, some did, including a lady with a baby, but I didn’t see anything happen to her. In that place there was no mobile network coverage and the residents of the area helped us when they found out”, narrated the Guantanamo.

Until now, the authorities continue in the rescue and recovery efforts of the remaining victims.

Also in Guantánamo, a truck that went up Loma del Jobo in Imías on April 8, lost control and flipped over. 17 people were involved in the accident, including a minor and a 7-week pregnant woman with cervical trauma.

At the end of 2022, Cuba reported 9,848 traffic accidents with a balance of 700 deaths and 7,689 injured, according to figures provided by Colonel Roberto Rodríguez, head of the specialized traffic body of the General Directorate of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR).

The specialist explained that irresponsibility was present in all these cases, and emphasized excessive fares and speed violations.

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