Massive accident in Guantánamo leaves 17 injured

Mexico City, Mexico.- In Guantánamo, a truck that was going up Loma del Jobo in Imías, lost control and overturned, reports the official website Cubadebate.

According to Dr. Danyelis Romero, specialist in IGM at the Imías Polyclinic, who treated the injured, in the accident There were 17 people involved, including a minor and a 7-week pregnant woman with cervical trauma.

Of these, 14 were transferred to the Agustinho Neto General Teaching Hospital and the Pedro Agustín Pérez Pediatric Hospital.

The official note emphasizes that “the service of the SIUM and the Red Cross in the province managed to quickly transfer the patients so that they could be treated in the provincial hospital entities.” This clarification does not seem coincidental since two days ago the complaint of the death of a 10-month-old baby who waited five hours for an ambulance that never arrived was made public. In fact, there are continuous complaints in networks of late or non-existent services of hospital means of transport.

On the other hand, the information is contradicted by maintaining that they had the required SIUM service. The note highlights that they used a bus as an ambulance, to which two stretchers were installed. This allowed assuming the massive transfer of patients.

Recently, at the end of March, another massive incident took place in that far eastern province. A bus belonging to the School Transportation Company in Baracoa overturned and left several injured, including students from the Félix Ruenes Aguirres Jamal Pre-University School and the Félix Varela Pedagogical School.

During 2022, approximately 700 people died in Cuba due to traffic accidents, according to official data.

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