Mass flight due to corruption in the Pedro Castillo Teachers' Party

Mass flight due to corruption in the Pedro Castillo Teachers’ Party

turn their backs on . The main visible heads of the Popular and Magisterial Party of Peru (PMP) in Arequipa decided to distance themselves and announced their departure from this group.

Five of the six directors of the PMP presented their irrevocable resignation to the political movement promoted by the National Federation of Workers in Education of Peru (Fenate), founded in 2017 – together with former leaders of Conare-Movadef – by the current president.

One of the reasons would point to the alleged acts of corruption involving the regional secretary of that party, Rosa Luz Pérez, a leader very close to Pedro Castillo.

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Juan Carlos Jaquehua, Secretary of Political Affairs; Lucía Pacco, Secretary of Economy; Carmen Quispe, Recording Secretary; Virginia Vásquez, Secretary for Women; and Silvia Salas, press secretary, announced yesterday at a press conference their departure from the PMP.

These defections would further complicate the intentions of this group to seal its registration with the National Elections Jury, an institution that rejected a first request at the beginning of the year, which prevented it from participating in the last electoral process.

The resignations denounced alleged collection of quotas for up to 280 soles that Pérez would make to several sub-prefects. “She says that with that money she supposedly supported the party, but it is false,” they indicated.


  • The resignations, in addition, demanded the departure of the regional prefect Yeremi Torres, whom they accuse of endorsing acts of corruption and of irregularly and arbitrarily choosing the sub-prefects of the region. Torres is known for proselytizing for President Pedro Castillo.


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