Masked man murdered a woman while she slept with her children on Halloween night in the US

A man with his face covered by a mask with a skull entered a house in New Port Richie, Florida, under threat of a firearm, went straight to the room where a woman slept and killed her in front of two children, reported this Police Tuesday.

The woman could barely say “don’t shoot me,” according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (west coast of Florida).

The events happened shortly after midnight on Monday, while people were still celebrating Halloween.

According to a woman who slept on a sofa in the main room of the house, she woke up because someone knocked on the door.

A masked man entered, pointed a gun at her, and went into the bedroom where another woman and two children were sleeping.

He turned on the light and woke the woman up, shooting her once and then a second when she was already lying on the bedroom floor, Pasco Sheriff Cris Nocco said.

The killer left the house and fled in a vehicle.

“It seems that he knew the plan of the house, he directly went for his objective, he knew what it was there for,” Nocco said.

The police have asked for citizen collaboration to find the author of the woman’s death, who was dressed in black and with his face covered by a mask that represented a skull.

Information of: EFE

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