MAS achieves a majority to deal with the gold law and installs a session in the Senate

MAS achieves a majority to deal with the gold law and installs a session in the Senate

May 4, 2023, 4:17 PM

May 4, 2023, 4:17 PM

By 20 votes against 12 the MAS waived the distribution of one of the commission reports of the draft Gold Purchase Law Destined to the Strengthening of the International Reserves, and managed to install the session in the Chamber of Senators.

He plenary session of the Chamber had sent this bill to two commissions, that of Economic Planning and that of Plural Economy; the latter held an irregular session last Friday and approved the document. In this Thursday’s session, opponents protested this procedure and prevented it from being dealt with in plenary.

The Economic Planning Commission, led by Senator Hilarión Mamani (MAS- wing evista) dealt with the bill Thursday morning and approved the report at noon. According to the Senate regulations, the documents to be considered must be distributed 24 hours in advance and the opposition requested compliance with this precept.

So, the MOST proposed the dispensation of compliance with that requirement, which is contemplated in article 135 of the debate regulations; The presidency, led by Andrónico Rodríguez, put the dispensation of that article to a vote and obtained the support of 20 senators, which means almost the entire MAS bench.

According to official data, MAS has 21 senators, CC has 11 and Creemos, four senators; this makes a total of 36 legislators in the Upper House. In this way, the Minister of Economy, Marcelo Montenegro, entered the plenary session to explain the project and it is expected that it will be sanctioned this Thursday.

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