Mary Louise Ventura Appears in Court

Mary Louise Ventura Appears in Court

Mary Louise Ventura, who is in preventive detention accused of attempted homicide the dancer and dance teacher Patricia Ascuasiatiwill appear this Monday before the Court of Appeal of San Cristóbal in search of varying the coercive measure that weighs against him.

His lawyers have appealed to the court to impose periodic presentation, the impediment of leaving the country or house arrest. They put as a compelling reason that what happened was an accident, that Mary Louise She is a very old lady (64 years old, she will turn 65 in October) and alleged inconsistencies committed by the Public Ministry in her file.

Defense attorney Cirilo Guzmán López assures that guilt is not being determined in this part of the process, and that Mrs. Mary Louise Ventura has enough social and cultural roots to guarantee his appearance, without being in prison.

At Monday’s hearing, lawyer Cirilo Guzmán López will present a series of distinctions made to Mary Louisewhich include the recognition of Gloria de la Danza Nacional, Casandra awards, recognitions of the National School of Fine Artsamong other elements that attest to its social prestige.

defense of Mary Louise He assures that there was no intention of the accused to harm her lifelong friend and that the court of first degree did not value the arraignment presented at the coercion measure hearing.

The file

The confusing event remains under investigation. Until the day this unfortunate event occurred, no conflict was known between the two dance professionals. The testimonies indicate that these two ladies were united by a lifelong friendship. The mother of the accused even said that Patricia and Mary Louise “they were sisters”.

The veteran Dominican dancer, choreographer and actress Patricia AscuasiatiAscuasiati Domínguez was run over by the defendant around 4:00 in the afternoon of February 15 of this year, at kilometer 40 of the Duarte Highway, Villa Altagracia municipality, in a north-south direction.

Ascuasiati was in intensive care until she was pronounced dead on Wednesday, March 9.

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