Martín Torrijos promises to ally with entrepreneurs to achieve the success of the country

The presidential candidate Martín Torrijos Espino met with a group of young entrepreneurs, who after exposing the difficulties they face in Panama to start a commercial activity, presented proposals to promote and develop entrepreneurship in Panama with chances of success.

“As Panamanians, we must feel proud to have young entrepreneurs with this level of awareness and clarity of what we must fix; and where should we go building together the opportunities they claim”, said the former president of the Republic.

The former President of the Republic added that in most cases, young people start their business without having the necessary tools or knowledge to move forward, but with contributions that are given through these dialogues, the path can be found to that entrepreneurs can achieve success.
“With all this knowledge, we are going to build the Panama that we all want,” stressed the candidate of the Popular Party.

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