Martín Torrijos meets with producers and affirms that the agricultural sector must be modernized

The agricultural producer understands the different problems that the sector faces and what must be done to ensure both their well-being and enough food for the country, affirmed the presidential candidate Martín Torrijos Espino, after a meeting with the Association of Producers at the end of a tour this weekend through the region.

“They understand very well the problems of the sector, what they want and what needs to be corrected, and they have all the will to contribute, not only with production, but with knowledge, to the transformation of the agricultural sector so that producers can live, and that consumers can have products,” said the former president of the republic.

In his face-to-face dialogue with the producers of Tierras Altas, he said, different problems were discussed, with different approaches, and about the opportunity that is needed to directly bring agricultural products to the national market and the need to modernize the Ministry of Agricultural Development. (MEASURE).

“There are coincidences in the work that we have to do together to ensure that the agricultural sector occupies a better position in the generation of jobs, wealth, and ensure that Panama has that food security and our consumers have affordable products,” stressed the presidential candidate. of the People’s Party.

Torrijos Espino, in the company of his wife Vivian Fernández de Torrijos, completed an extensive tour of this province this weekend, which began on Saturday with two conversations with young people and women, as well as a meeting with directors of Camchi; and on Sunday, meetings with residents of the districts of Alanje and Renacimiento, and the meeting in Volcán, with producers from Tierras Altas.

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