Martín Lema on the poverty figures: "We have to be on our guard"

the minister of Social Development, Martin Lemasaid this Friday that the poverty figures “always” should “concern” and “occupy”.

Motto had been consulted by latest poverty number thrown by the National Institute of Statistics (INE)which show a increase In the pfirst semester of the year.

In this case, it was located 10.7%, what a means half percentage point increase compared to the same period of last year when it was at 10.2%.

In summary, the thrown data means that every 1,000 people, there were 107 that did not exceed minimum income to cover their basic food needs and non-food that are considered for measurement.

“We see a stability. Because when compared to last semester there is a low of decimalsand if compared to the first from last year there is a decimal increase. Whether in one or another comparison there is a stability and we have to be with the high guard“, said the hierarch of the Mides.

The INE also indicated that the incidence of household poverty it was estimated at 7.4% and indigence was 0.4% in the first semester.

By dividing this indicator by age group, the children under 6 years of age are the most affected for the problem.

In the under 6 years of age, the percentage had reached 16.1% in January-June 2021, and in the first half of this year it climbed to 22.5%, the same level of the first semester of the pandemic (2020).

The minister acknowledged that this strip “needs more effort” and, in this sense, announced that the Reinforcement of Family Allowances – $1,500 Equity Plan per child (0 to 6 years old), extends until December.

This reinforcement, which began in june this year and anticipated that end in septemberwill be adjusted according to the price increases.

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