Martha Moyano to Congressman Edwin Martínez during debate: “Speak, Mr. Donkey”

Congresswoman Martha Moyano (Popular Force) responded to her colleague Edwin Martínez (Popular Action) for a phrase that the latter launched during the debate on the return of the .

It all started when the legislator of the lampa party questioned the interruption by a member of Fuerza Popular: “Let me speak or I will have to tell you what I told the premier: ‘when a donkey brays, the rest of us stop our ears’”.

Given this, the president of Parliament, María del Carmen Alva (Popular Action), asked him to calm down and withdraw the sentence. However, Moyano asked for the floor and responded to the accionpopulista.

“Indeed, when a donkey speaks, the others prick up their ears and I am not saying this by reference because it is with the gentleman, who has been misbehaving in Parliament for a long time, disrespecting his own colleagues and you, President. If he doesn’t respect his bench, I don’t ask anyone for respect. Surely we are referring to you: ‘speak, sir donkey’”he pointed.

In response and by allusion, Edwin Martínez indicated that he would not respond to Martha Moyano because it is about “a lady”.

“I am not going to speak by allusion because I cannot answer a lady. If I were to go to the man who is next to him and he has called me a lout, I will answer him when he wants and where he wants”sentenced.


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