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Marito thanked Uruguay for its help in the pandemic

“His gesture was very important for us,” said Abdo when placing the medal to the Uruguayan ruler who is visiting in Paraguay since Friday night.

Lacalle Pou attended the official acts for the 211th anniversary of the National Independence.

The Paraguayan President highlighted that with the Government of Lacalle his country managed to advance in various processes of integration and complementarity.

Abdu said that Paraguay wants to deepen agreements to expand the use of Uruguayan overseas ports. “We want to go even further to have more presence on the Uruguayan coast.”

On the other hand, he emphasized the large number of Uruguayan investors that welcomes Paraguay in recent years.

“We have more than 1,800,000 hectares, mainly in the Chaco, of Uruguayan producers installed and contributing to the development of our country. More than 500,000 head of cattle are part of the investment of Uruguayans who have come to work”, the president highlighted.

Lacalle stressed that “there are great coincidences and also some nuances” in the exchange between the two countries and celebrated the election of his compatriots for Paraguay to invest and live.

The Uruguayan President highlighted that there are offers of Paraguayan meat in his gondolas and declared his approval of the Paraguayan decision to develop its commercial traffic through its ports in the Atlantic.

“It will generate a very important synergy,” he emphasized.

As on other occasions, Lacalle reiterated his government’s decision to open up to the world and stressed that Paraguay encourages you in that regard.

“In Mercosur we are giving some lessons in modernization,” stressed the head of state.

The entrance Marito thanked Uruguay for its help in the pandemic was first published in diary TODAY.

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