Marijuana: call to participate in survey on cannabis use

A survey prepared by the Eutopía Foundation seeks to assess the sensitivity of demand among cannabis consumers in Chile, in addition to estimating the potential for tax collection, under the supposed scenario of market regulation.

The survey is part of a study on information related to the use of marijuana, its intensity of consumption and price sensitivity.

The survey can be answered by both consumers and non-consumers. Depending on their characteristics, they follow different “paths” of response. That is, they are several surveys in one; which is directed according to the alternatives that are chosen.

Intensive consumers are the ones who face the most questions. However, those who have never consumed complete the survey in no more than two minutes.

“People are urged to participate, because it is key information for the evidence in Chile and for the discussion on drug policy,” they indicated from Fundación Eutopía in a statement.

The information collected will be confidential and will be used only for the indicated academic purposes and will be protected under statistical secrecy.

“It is guaranteed that the statistical data to be obtained, both in its origin and treatment, may not be associated with an identified or identifiable owner, nor request personal information in a mandatory manner, complying with the provisions of the Data Protection Law (Law 19,628)” , they indicated.

The study is under the supervision of the teacher Fabian Duarte of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile and is also part of the Fondecyt Project No. 11181223 in charge of the academic and researcher Jorge Atria (Diego Portales University/COES). It also has the support of the Eutopia Foundation research team.

This study will be presented as part of the student’s thesis leading to the academic degree of Master in Economic Analysis at the University of Chile. Mikhail Villagra.

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