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María Elvira Salazar: “Once again the Cuban people lose”

MADRID, Spain.- Republican congresswoman María Elvira Salazar reacted this Saturday after the death of five Cubans, caused by a ram from the regime to the boat in which they tried to escape from the Island.

“The Castro/Díaz-Canel regime is solely responsible for these deaths in Bahía Honda. That is their continuity: they are the same terrorists and bloodthirsty as always”, denounced the congresswoman through Twitter.

From a video shared on the social network, he pointed out that this fact shows “who are those who are at the head of the Castro regime: some bloodthirsty.”

Why are they going to ram a boat that only wants to leave Cuba? Salazar question.

“Once again the Cuban people lose, but Castroism will end soon (…) Those five dead represent the rest of the Cuban people, that all they want is freedom, that’s why they were leaving, but we are going to make sure that these dead do not be forgotten,” he added.

For her part, the activist Anamely Ramos, in response to the regime’s version, asked: “And isn’t leaving, illegal or otherwise, encouraged when State Security threatens activists and citizens with jail if they don’t leave the country? And more than stimulating: when prisoners are taken out of jail and taken to the airport to cross borders later.

In its note on the incident, the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) blamed the United States Government: “A new event with a fatal outcome occurs as a consequence of the hostile and cruel policy of the United States government against Cuba, which tolerates and encourages illegal departures from Cuba by allowing the permanence in its territory of irregular migrants”.

For her part, activist Saily González also pointed out: “Today there is mourning and pain for the Cuban family.”

While the New Cuba highlighted that “there is absolutely nothing that justifies that a civilian boat, which was carrying civilians -another one- ends up sunk. There is absolutely nothing that justifies another five dead Cubans. There is absolutely nothing to justify another drowning baby. Any”.

The sinking of the boat perpetrated this Friday by the Cuban border guards caused the death of five people: a man, three women and a two-year-old girl.

Journalist Mario J. Pentonwho spoke with relatives of the deceased and people close to the survivors, reported that the boat of the Cuban migrants at no time resisted the border guards, who attacked them.

The reporter added that people in Bahía Honda, Artemisa Province, where the deceased came from, are “in shock.”

According to sources close to Pentón, three people are still missingalthough the island’s regime has not ruled on the matter.

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