María Carolina Uzcátegui: 76% of the population must be motivated electorally

María Carolina Uzcátegui: 76% of the population must be motivated electorally

The main member of the Primary Commission, María Carolina Uzcátegui, stated that the population is not apathetic, but rather focused on defending their own interests. She assured that mobilization begins within each family, since it is there that citizens take responsibility for their duties and rights.

María Carolina Uzcátegui, principal member of the National Commission for Primaries (CP), warned that there are around 76% of Venezuelans whose interest in politics has faded and that it is essential to re-motivate them, making them understand that the decisions they take in this area will affect their daily behavior.

In an interview granted to TelevenUzcátegui explained that thanks to the protests carried out by the union movements, the population’s interest in political affairs has been awakened but aimed at defending their own interests.

For this reason, he considers that there is no apathy but rather a lack of cohesion around common objectives that are larger. In this sense, he stressed that it is important to show and explain that all the election processes that will take place from 2023 will have an impact on these personal struggles because whoever is the administrator of the State will be the ones who establish the policies that will define the quality of life and therefore should be more involved in these types of decisions.

Uzcátegui believes that this primary process is a propitious opportunity for people to decide who can represent them in an electoral contest and understand that it is the responsibility of citizens to choose their rulers, since that is how they choose their future and they are closer to the real changes they want for the country.

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He assured that mobilization begins within each family, since it is there where citizens take responsibility for their duties and rights; they must consult who is registered or not in the Electoral Registry and organize themselves to make the registrations or changes that must be made

In his opinion, there are a series of factors that affect the primaries both inside and outside the country; Therefore, issues such as voting abroad, updating the Electoral Registry with large operations promoted by the National Electoral Council (CNE), among others, are the first to be worked on and he clarified that the date of primaries is also signed by all those situations that affect the process.

María Carolina Uzcátegui mentioned that at the international level, there is a geopolitical movement and that around Venezuela “it has been strong.” She then made reference to the meeting in Paris of the heads of the officialism and opposition delegations, Jorge Rodríguez and Gerardo Blyde respectively, with the presidents of France, Emmanuel Macron; Gustavo Petro, from Colombia and Argentina, Alberto Fernández.

For the also former president of Consecomercio, this indicates that there is interest in the world to resolve the conflicts that still arise in Venezuela. However, she recognized that it is important to define many things and the path to follow; something that will be resolved as greater organization and rapport with citizens.

He clarified that the Primaries Commission, once installed, must ensure that a transparent and reliable process is carried out for all those who participate; which will lead them to begin a series of meetings and conversations with all sectors to listen to their opinions and achieve a broad consensus; among them the use of technical assistance from the CNE.

He recalled that in 2012 primaries were held with the support of the electoral body and had good results.

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