Margarita Cedeño

Margarita assures that the star of the PLD will erase the darkness that the PRM will leave

Puerto Plata.– The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Margarita Cedenosaid that due to the great works carried out by the PLD governments, Dominican society sees the light in the darkness that today encompasses the entire national geography.

“The yellow star of the PLD illuminates the destinies and paths of this country, that is the light that this society with the government of darkness sorely needs,” stressed Cedeño.

The applicant expressed that she aspires to a Dominican Republic where everyone can have opportunities, she says she is sure that the country will be the breadbasket of the Caribbean, and we will live again the food security that characterized the PLD governments.

In addition, he indicated that social protection will return for everyone from the elderly to inclusion for people with disabilities. He assured that spaces for entrepreneurship will be provided in the labor market to be an example and support for youth who today have an uncertain future.

He pointed out that as of 2024 the Dominican people will once again have the PLD, especially with a woman president who knows what our people need, that is why I am here, at the service of my party, I have stayed to add to multiply so that we are larger and above all to continue serving him.

Tour in Puerto Plata

During an agenda in Puerto Plata, the candidate received statements from the inhabitants calling for her return to the government, those present said they were aware more than ever of the change in reverse of the government of Abinader Corona, they claim not to have done anything anywhere in the country, and Puerto Plata is no exception. The great works that exist in the entire province of Puerto Plata were created by the PLD.

Cedeño stressed that Puerto Plata is another of the provinces that is also very forgotten, but he affirmed that there is very little left and that as always the PLD, now at the head with Margarita Cedeño, will be like that Atlantic Ocean full of benefits, just like the Margarita’s protective hand will also bathe and caress every space in Puerto Plata.

He said to be with the truth, representing a work of years of experience, with the greatest transparency, integrity and inclusion.

In addition, he affirmed that he has the bases of the party and the Dominicans who have their hearts set on this Margarita 2024 project, willing to work to win. “To the extent that we advance and develop, the Dominican society progresses and we rescue the promising future for all,” said the former vice president.

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