Marco Cárdenas: "Writers in Peru cannot live from books"

Marco Cárdenas: “Writers in Peru cannot live from books”

Ayacucho writer Marco Cárdenas arrived in Huancavelica to present his book “The Fifth Gospel” and gave his opinion on the situation of provincial writers.

What disappointments did you find for The Fifth Gospel??

As a consequence of this book I was cataloged by the church as a “man dangerous to their interests”, I know that they sent him to Rome to be analyzed and he is in the catalogs that cannot be read. We are in Peru and several cultural centers were closed to me when it had already been programmed and published in several newspapers, but, due to the call of Mons. Vargas Alzamora, my presentation at the Ricardo Palma University was closed. Oswaldo Reynoso said that this book was one of the most controversial.

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Do you think that the authors of the province have more difficulties to make their way?

It is more difficult than before, we have the problem that the newspapers, television channels, radio stations, do not give importance to the book, although it is true that publishing is growing, there are more writers, we are not more recognized either. If the writers do not have a cultural space, we are orphans in this matter and therefore the book will be at a low price and will be little appreciated. Writers in Peru cannot live from books, we must work on something else and develop the book slowly, it takes between five and eight years to write a single novel.

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Why are more writers from the capital sought than from the province?

That is a truth, but, that already corresponds to us provincials, this is a matter of strategy, as writers we overvalue the people of Lima, but, they do not give us ball, we must rethink our development, if the people of Lima invite us, we don’t have to invite them, or we begin to develop a stronger, better worked, more avant-garde literature, but from the regions. There are many Huancavelican writers and they are of a high level. The province has more experience, it gives a writer more historical legacy, more creativity.

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