"March of silence" to demand the departure of Kriskovich from the UCA

“March of silence” to demand the departure of Kriskovich from the UCA

Strong gusts of winds announced the alert issued by Meteorology this afternoon. The phenomenon roofed the headquarters of a university in Pastoreo, Caaguazú.

The Crio. Luis Goiburú, police chief of Caaguazú, confirmed that the fact It happened in Juan Manuel Frutos, former Pastureo, where strong gusts of winds were recorded, as warned by the weather advisory.

“Was a matter of four to five minutes, but it was enough for the total detachment of the roof”, Goiburú commented in an interview with Universo-Nación Media radio.

According to the police chief, the affected institution is the National University of Caaguazú (UNCA)where, fortunately, no one was injured.

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For his part, the mayor of Juan Manuel Frutos spoke with the director of the faculty, who reported that“a tornado” passed through the place.

He recalled that the faculty has its own budget and is not in charge of the Municipality, however, even so, the Administration will attend the house of studies.

Shortly before 3:00 p.m., the Meteorology Department issued an alert announcingto moderate to heavy thunderstorm showers, moderate to strong gusty winds, and the occasional hail falls. Caaguazú was one of the departments included.

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