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Marçal promises that Brazil will have the highest salary in Latin America

The PROS candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Pablo Marçal, announced today (29) that, if elected, Brazil will have the highest minimum wage in Latin America. According to the candidate, the promise is that Brazilians will receive a monthly minimum of R$ 2,229.11. Marçal promises that Brazil will have the highest salary in Latin America

“This is a commitment I make with all Brazilians: the largest economy in Latin America will pay the highest minimum wage,” he said. “I am the only one with solid proposals and I have the right to bring them to the attention of the Brazilian people, especially those who want an alternative against this polarization”, he added.

The PROS candidate again criticized the ideological dispute between left and right in the country, and defended actions to bring food and create jobs for Brazilians.

“No more crazy ideology! Neither left nor right! I want food on the table of Brazilians, I want job creation and Brazil becoming the power it should have been for years, but these politicians have already demonstrated that they are not prepared and that they do not have the capacity to do so”, he said.

This Monday morning, the candidate gave an interview to the Eixo Nacional vehicle, and recorded campaign material. He had lunch with state party leaders and, in the late afternoon, gave an interview to SBT News.

stay inside the schedule of the candidates for the presidency this Monday.

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