Marc Anthony gave a “little bit of love” to RD, with the stop of his “Living Tour” at the Olympic

Flirting, affection, heartbreak and a lot of salsa brought Marc Anthony to the Dominican public that gathered at the Olympic Stadium on Thursday night. With the flavor that characterizes the Puerto Rican and an impeccable orchestra, Marc Anthony performed what he considers to be the best hits of his musical career, as part of his “Living Tour” tour.

The salsa party was opened by the local genre. Manny Cruz was the opening act who came on stage dressed in black, accompanied by his orchestra and his dancers, who at

On the contrary, they were wearing white, to inject a dose of meringue to the public that was waiting for Marc Anthony. “Long live merengue” shouted the artist and interpreted “You know how to fall in love”, “Dancing with you”, “From Monday to Monday”.

In his artistic intervention, Manny Cruz asked the population to be in solidarity with the victims left by Hurricane Fiona and dedicated his song “I’m complete” to that special moment.

He continued with a tribute to the local genre and shouted “Let’s dance merengue” to start a medley that he prepared in which he performed iconic merengues such as The dancing Mood by La New York Band, “Metenguero hasta la Tambora” by Johnny Ventura and “Cuando step on Dominican land” by Fernando Villalona.

“Who feels Dominican at heart? “Manny Cruz asked, to proceed to sing“ Santo Domingo ”, a song with which he closed his energetic participation. “What a blessing to have been born in this land blessed by God.”

At 9:50, when the stage went dark, the unmistakable voice of Marc Anthony came out of the speakers saying “I am my music”, causing a riot in the audience. The acoustic of “Pa’lla voy” set off alarms in the public that the Puerto Rican salsa singer was about to go on stage. Cell phones focused on the stage, waiting for his departure, which took place a few minutes later. Dressed in black and with his typical little salsa dance, which gave the perception that the artists were fully enjoying their favorite genre. “Where are my people,” asked the Puerto Rican?

After performing his first piece, the stage went completely dark while the artist prepared with the orchestra for the next album. The lights came back on par with the instrumental of “Valió la pena” that made the audience stand up, dance and sing.

His clear voice enveloped the Olympian and the ears of the thousands of salsa fans who were present.

Marc Anthony lives salsa, lives the stage and lives his music. He not only sang on stage, he also danced each song, with his eyes closed and his arms open. Marc Anthony, it’s just like he yelled in the middle of one of the “explosive” songs.

His partner Nadia supported him on stage. The screen that makes the singer-songwriter great on the sides of the stage, was presented on some occasions, behind the scenes applauding and encouraging her boyfriend.

He continued his repertoire with a sauce that touched many feelings. She heard several in the audience say “Oh my mother”, when she interpreted “There was someone”.

Marc Anthony is flavor. He occasionally played the imaginary kettledrums with his hands and gave his particular turn, moving his hips, he performed a repertoire of 12 songs.

He continued with “Until yesterday” and pointing the microphone at the public so that they would accompany him, they sang this song together. The lack of love, a trumpet, an acoustic and an electric guitar, the maracas, the piano, the bongos, and the unanimous voice of the public starred in this piece, standing out at the end the solo of the guitarist, Mario, who lasted several minutes honoring the instrument. .

After just singing and performing 5 pieces, Marc Anthony spoke to the public

Dominican. “Thank you very much and good night Dominican. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you, as you know I am at home (coquettishly throwing a kiss) and warning that I saw everything from there. “Tonight we are going to sing a little bit of everything,” he said.

For the following interpretation, he said that it was one of his favorites. “If you know her, sing her with me”, and she performed “Flor pálida”, one of the most heartfelt and most chanted during the night.

“Against the current” continued and took over the drumsticks and together with drummer Jessie Caraballo they put together a kind of percussion battle.

He continued with a question, “what is the price of heaven?” and then a reproach, “Bad”, an affirmation “I know you well” and tried to end with a doubt, “it looks like Friday”.

I try to leave, but the public asked for another one with the lights of their cell phones on. The band were still there, so it was very likely that he would come back. He pleased those present and after several minutes as if it were a wish come true, at 11:11 he returned to sing “Your love does me good.”

“One more?”, he asked, because it was impossible for him to get off that stage without singing one of the most anticipated songs and that gives meaning to the name of this “Living tour. She closed with “Live my life” and a message for Dominicans.

“My people, life is one and long live the Dominican Republic. May God bless you”, and after an hour and a half of concert, he said goodbye with love and kisses to the Dominicans.

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