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Maple’s mistakes

Fate has wanted that at this moment the best opportunities that Bolivia has to get out of the piojera are frustrated by mistakes made by the current president when he served as economy minister.

Argentina would like to receive larger volumes of natural gas and she is willing to pay up to three or four times what she pays now, because the only other option she has is to pay eight times more.

But Bolivia does not have the necessary gas because during Arce’s administration As minister, oil investments were scared away with the stupid message that in May 2006 a “nationalization” was carried out. The oil companies knew that this was a lie, but their parent companies told them that when you are dealing with this type of government, it is better not to trust and even less do business.

The more the propaganda hammered home about “nationalization”, the more fearful the oil companies were of investing in Bolivia.

In 2006, the gas reserves were 26 TCF and when the head of the MAS escaped in 2019, they were 5 TCF, as they are kept now, when the price of oil and gas has skyrocketed due to the madness of Vladimir Putin.

And from Russia comes the other news that points to Arce’s mistakes: that country wants to buy Bolivian lithium in view of the fact that Argentina and Chile have told it that they will not sell it in view of the crimes committed by their government in Ukraine, crimes that the Bolivian government applauds at the UN and the OAS.

But it turns out that Bolivia does not have lithium to sell despite the fact that between 2006 and 2018, when Arce was minister, the country invested 930 million dollars in the lithium project, according to The Economist.

The MAS government handed over the management of that project to some militants of the PC pro-Chinese, who wasted that fabulous sum, distributing surcharges among the capos of his party, but without advancing one iota in the development of the lithium industry.

At this time, Bolivia does not have lithium carbonate of the grade required for the manufacture of batteries due to masista waste and because the reserves in Uyuni, according to engineer Jorge Espinoza, have an excessive content of magnesium and the salt flats have an excessive degree of humidity, which makes their exploitation more expensive.

And to think that Arce keeps saying that he received “a broken country”, blaming it on the transitional government that took control of the country when the MAS leaders had fled.

Arce is responsible for the current crisis and the difficulties that the country has to get out of the crisis.

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