Rosales hopes that the commercial exchange with Colombia will reactivate Zulia

Manuel Rosales promises support to producers to make Zulia “the seed of cheese”

During his speech at the Expoferia El Queso: Cultura y Tradición Zuliana, the governor of that state, Manuel Rosales, said that there are highly productive areas in the South of the Lake that continue with flooding and severe damage due to the tropical wave season with the one that closed in 2022. In his opinion, what happened in the South of the Lake is the consequence of many years of abandonment

The governor of the state of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, promised the producers of the entity that they will count on their “solidarity” and “encouragement” so that, despite the adversities, they continue with their work. The regional president aspires that it is his administration that state will become “the pip of cheese in Venezuela.”

The statements were made on Friday, February 10 at the Expoferia El Queso: Cultura y Tradición Zuliana, from where he also stated that in order to promote Zulian production, unity and the effort of all are required. Dairy businessmen from the region participated in the event.

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Rosales highlighted the work of the producers, despite the ravages of the heavy rains and floods recorded last year, about which he assured that together with his government team they are working hard in the South of the Lake, an area that still registers damage due to the rainy season.

“Last year, in March and April, the rains in the productive areas were so copious that they led us to an emergency, the consequences of which were felt until the end of July, but we had not finished overcoming those problems, when tropical storms appeared. of the last quarter, which were even more devastating”.

He explained that in the region there are still flooded areas, fallen bridges, destroyed roads and paralyzed farms. In his opinion, what happened in the South of the Lake is the consequence of many years of neglect.

The regional president assured that “the South of the Lake has been drained of juice for decades and decades, but the truth is that infrastructure has been neglected for decades. Dredging, the reinforcement of dikes and monitoring of the basins had almost been forgotten. I was referring to one of the definitions of Zulianity, because many of you come from being there in those complex hours and, far from being intimidated, here you are, with gallantry, with inspiration, with commitment and with your head held high.

In this sense, he maintained that this economic activity draws Zulia on the national and international stages as one of the best cheese-producing areas in the world.

Within the framework of this, the governor granted the Catatumbo Lightning Order to the Génica and Pacomela cheese companies.

While the Zulianidad Button was awarded to entrepreneurs within this economic activity: Fabricio Rincón, Gilberto Romero, Isidro Rincón and to companies: Venelactios, Lácteos Zulia, Lácteos y Aprisco Don Luigi, Lácteos las Delicias del Palmar and Queseras Pompey, reviewed The truth

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