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Manini Ríos disavows Lacalle Pou as leader of the coalition: “not even the pope gives me orders”

Guido Manini Rios.  Photo: Chamber of Senators
Guido Manini Rios. Photo: Chamber of Senators

Senator Guido Manini Ríos, a member of the Cabildo Abierto party in Uruguay, has given an interview to the digital media Montevideo Portal, in which he has addressed relevant issues of current politics. Among the relevant things that he blurted out, Manini Ríos referred to the possibility of support a white candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

The senator has indicated that, although there is still a long time to go before the elections, if the voters of the Cabildo Abierto interpret it that way, they will support the white candidate in the second round. He also stressed that this will depend on many factors, such as the candidate, the campaign and the tone of the campaign.

The senator from the ultra-conservative party has defended the position of his wife and former Minister of Housing and the Environment, Irene Moreirabefore his resignation. He noted that he considers “challenging the president’s position” by asking the minister to resign and, therefore, has defended her right to take stock of her management before leaving office.

In this sense, the senator stressed that the former minister -became a senator- had every right to do so and that a was generated unnecessary situation of controversy around the subject.

Manini Ríos says that “nobody” gives him orders

Thirdly, Manini Ríos has compared his departure from the Army with the resignation of Irene Moreira. He explained that while firing him on YouTube could be considered challenging, he was no longer commanding officer at the time of doing so, so comparisons cannot be made.

Additionally, he defended his right to say goodbye to the members of the Army, since during his four years in office he was in close contact with them.

When the journalists asked him if he was unaccustomed to receiving orders, he replied: “No, it’s not that I got unaccustomed, it’s just that today I don’t have to take orders from anyone, from anyone. Not even the pope gives me orders”.

And he remarked that he does not see Lacalle Pou as head of the multicolored coalition: «Orders does not give me, not an order. You can suggest me, propose. If I agree, yes; If I don’t agree, no. But no one gives me orders.

Finally, the senator has denied the rumors about the possibility that Irene Moreira did not want to resign from her position as minister. Manini Ríos has assured that the former minister did not doubt at any time about her resignation, and that from the moment he transmitted the president’s request to her, she accepted the decision and only considered when.

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