Manini opens one "letter of credit" to Race: "We do not join any personal attack"

The senator and leader of Cabildo Abierto, Guido Manini Ríos, called for a full investigation into the matter involving the Front Ampist Charles Carrera, who is accused of having covered up a case involving the Police and in which a man ended up paralyzed by a lost bullet.

The young man was injured in 2012 when he was at the door of his house in La Paloma. A shot, which allegedly came from the police station located opposite, wounded him and left him paralyzed. As revealed by the program Santo y Seña of Channel 4 Carrera, then general director of the Ministry of the Interior, allowed without legal protection that the victim remain hospitalized in the Police Hospital without being an official, in addition to paying him about $ 20,000 monthly food tickets.

Manini, who from the 6 August is on a trip with his wife to Sweden and Finland, He used his hearing on Radio Oriental on Tuesday to refer to the “media affair” related to his colleague from the Broad Front. There, the lobbyist leader claimed to know the truth about the most serious fact of the whole matter and that it was never thoroughly investigated: who was the one who fired the shot that ended up leaving the young man paraplegic.

Manini questioned whether the “scandal” around Carrera has focused on whether or not the benefits he granted to the victim corresponded, or if it was to silence him. “We should not go in to hit when we do not have the facts very clear,” he said. “We do not lightly join in any personal attack against anyone. We have never done it.”

He added there that, as always, he will open a “letter of credit” to the MPP senator so that he can prove his innocence. Something that, he recalled, Carrera did not do when the Justice requested the Manini’s outrage before the accusation of having hidden, as head of the Army, the information provided by the repressor José Nino Gavazzo in a court of military honor, and that motivated a special session of the Senate.

“Despite the fact that it was clearly demonstrated that the prosecutor had acted in a biased manner, politically managed to remove a disturbing political leader from circulation, Senator Carrera joined the chorus that condemned us in advance, knowing that it was all a lie. ”lamented the lobbyist leader.

Manini maintained that Carrera had the same attitude when “the hoax was concocted” around the fact that his wife, his father-in-law and he occupy a field as settlers without fulfilling the legal conditions. All of this, he said, despite the “clarity” of a report that Manini himself submitted to the National Colonization Institute (INC) and that “blatantly demonstrated that everything was a total falsehood.” In that case, he pointed out, Carrera also joined the “accusatory choir.” The INC is still analyzing the case and, as confirmed to The Observer institutional sources, is far from reaching a resolution.

“We would have plenty of material to give him back and tell him clearly that what he did is inexcusable,” Manini said ironically. “But it’s not our style, and we won’t do it. We will give him every opportunity to prove that he is not guilty.”

Manini insisted: the case must be clarified and should not remain in a “nebula” in which no guilty party is found, and he will be attentive to the issue. “You have to determine who was the one who fired the shot,” he stressed. “Also why it was not investigated and why the case was closed when there was a serious injury. Everything else is decoration.he concluded.

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