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‘Mañaneros’ protest and the Mayor’s Office does not lower control

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'Mañaneros' protest and the Mayor's Office does not lower control

December 22, 2022, 4:00 AM

December 22, 2022, 4:00 AM

The street vendors, called ‘mañaneros’, who settled in the surroundings of the Barrio Lindo Fair, This Wednesday they again protested and tried to settle in the fifth ring of Cumavi avenue, but municipal control prevented the occupation of public space.

Municipal guard personnel remained guarding this sector.

For his part, the street vendors indicated that they will insist that they be assigned this place because they do not supply the spaces assigned in the surroundings of shopping centers.

“We want to sell in this place at least until New Years, half of the merchants are here, the other half are there (near the Barrio Lindo property), we don’t go in because there are no spaces,” said a merchant.

In addition to the protests, this group of early morning workers proceeded to radicalize their pressure measures and they were crucified.

Minutes before, the gendarmes made seizures, which generated tension in the area.

From the Mayor’s Office they recalled that the settlement of street vendors in public spaces and in this place is prohibited. “Public spaces are not negotiated, they are not sold, that is the firm position of the municipality,” said the head of the District Coordination Office, Denar Sumoya.

He reported that operations and seizures were carried out, but before they were warned that they could not sell on public roads, but they ignored the warning.

Regarding operations in other supply centersSumoya stressed that the inspections are continuous in this year-end season, Therefore, the municipal staff of Espacio Público is organized in three shifts (morning, afternoon and night) together with the municipal guard.

It was also reported that the proceedings against the leader of the ‘mañaneros’, René Troncoso, continue for the violence with which they acted previously and for the damage to State property.

For his part, Troncoso walked away a few days ago from the representation of the ‘mañaneros’.

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