Managing complaints via Venapp is very easy

Managing complaints via Venapp is very easy

Venezuela took a step forward in terms of technology and connectivity with the launch of the Creole application for the use of Venapp social networks.

Recently announced by President Nicolás Maduro as part of the 1×10 good governance system, the social network, which has so far received more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play and App Store virtual stores, has as its main attraction, among its many options, the channeling of complaints.

During the activation of the 1×10 of the good government, on May 20, the president reported that “today the social network of the Venapp application for the Venezuelan people and youth is born for the world. And this app is going to have something called Line 58, which can be used by any citizen, neighbor and neighbor”.

He reported that so far, via the application, he has received more than 300 reports of public service failures, of which “about 50% of the cases that we have received through Venapp have already been addressed directly,” he said.

He added that to capture them, citizens can register, until July 20, their 1 × 10 to make complaints about the operation of public services and citizens, and connect with the Bolivarian Government for their solution, especially in three areas priorities: water, health and education.

How does it work?

Making complaints of any kind through this instrument is very simple. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so the first thing to do is download it from the virtual stores mentioned above.

line 58

To adapt to the primary needs of Venezuelans, in Venapp, the so-called Line 58, a tool that offers each user a direct approach to various institutions.

The idea of ​​this virtual approach is to allow the Venezuelan public to create reports of failures in relation to public transport, health, gas and electricity, to name a few services or denounce irregular situations in the area of ​​education, human rights, animal rights and even cases of discrimination in some space or environment.

In this regard, the head of state explained that so far of the 325 cases received, most of them come from Caracas and Zulia, 242 respond to water problems, 30 to education and 53 cases to the health sector.

“It is the construction of a new system of technological and human connection to attend to the real problems of the people, to prioritize the problems and that the people have answers and solutions in real time to the problems of public service and of the communities”, he indicated.
The Line 58 option also allows the creation of incident reports, making contributions, suggestions and requests.

The application’s website offers a series of video tutorials that explain the steps to follow in a simple way.

To use the complaint line, users must fill out a form with their data, date and description of the report and place.

In addition, they will be able to attach documents that support their request and, after it is created, the report can be monitored to check its status.

“It is the construction of a new system of technological and human connection to attend to the real problems of the people, prioritize the problems and that people have answers and solutions in real time to the problems of public service and communities”, said the President.

It has groups for citizen attention and contact.

the channels

President Maduro explained that the 1×10 system of good government “is a comprehensive operation of a civic-military and police nature, it is the construction of a new system of technological and human connection to attend to the problems of the people, with the aim of strengthen public management Real-time solutions for the people, who in the end is the center of our lives”.

In this sense and as far as social interaction is concerned, Venapp allows access to a series of channels dedicated to specific topics and segmented into categories such as entertainment, sports, cinema, art and music, among others, in which users and Users will not only be able to access last-minute information, but they will also be able to interact and debate with the members of each group, which is why it is emerging as a perfect tool for the exchange and organization of community members on various topics.

Likewise, users will be able to see, publish, share and even recommend content that, as in the rest of the social networks, is shown on the wall, along with the publications of the channels to which they belong.

Another option, within each channel, is to share and create files, images, videos, polls and publications, either in public or for your selected groups.
For greater interaction, it has a chat option, called Venchat, to send direct messages to the members of the channels to which it belongs individually or in groups and that, as a novelty, does not use megabytes. They are free of charge.

Managing complaints via Venapp is very easy
The head of state visited the operations room of the presidential command where complaints are handled.

Schedule appointments

Among its multiple functions, Venapp also serves as a personal ally to schedule appointments, plan and organize daily personal activities.

As an interactive tool, it allows the management of work groups for companies and institutions, the creation of private or public groups and the programming of events using the channel option.

Managing complaints via Venapp is very easy
It is easy to use.


The Creole social network does not stop there. Another of its interesting options is the possibility of buying tickets for events and concerts, which also offers the benefit of granting special discounts to users just by registering.

Tickets are currently available, with exclusive discounts, to enjoy the Guaco concerts, on the Ccct terrace, and for the Salsa Festival, at the Poliedro de Caracas, both scheduled for June 11.

Another possibility that the social network allows is to top up your balance with discounts and promotions.

share and win

Another of the options added to the social network in its most recent update are points. By sharing their profile, users will earn these points that can then be exchanged for discounts on products and services.

Managing complaints via Venapp is very easy
There are exclusive promotions at events.

Creole Connectivity

Venapp follows the path already traced by the Chinese We Chat, the Russian Vkontakte or VK, and the English telegram, to name a few of the social networks that seek to move away from the monopoly of Meta (facebook) and its daughters Instagram and WhatsApp.

For example, the Chinese and Russian applications have functions that range from simple interaction with friends, family and people with common tastes to doing simple everyday things such as transfers, buying plane tickets, ordering taxi services and even managing electricity bills. Venapp users expect to have the same benefits.

Managing complaints via Venapp is very easy
It has interactive tools.


In relation to the privacy of the data provided by the people who register on this platform, the Venapp website highlights that both the data and the content shared through the social network “will not be used for a purpose other than that for which you provided them.”

In response to the requirements of users and users, the website, has a comment box in which it is possible to express doubts, complaints, comments and proposals arising from the use of it.

Similarly, in its accounts on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Venapp actively responds to user concerns.

In addition, it was found that following the requirements improvements are being made in the operation of the service.

One of the concerns that they have most insistently expressed is about an error that the system has thrown after registering on the platform. The problem is that some do not allow them to log back in, so others have shared the possible solution. There is a feedback. “The same thing happened to me and when I wrote to to ask for help they recommended me to uninstall the application and download it. I registered again and it works”, wrote a user on instagram.

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