Man who tried to prevent a femicide in Durazno died

This Tuesday the man who tried to defend a neighbor from an attack by his ex-partner died. The victim had been in the Intensive Care Center for more than a week, since he had been injured since May 14.

The woman this man tried to defend was 41 years old and died the day of the attack. The murderer is a 42-year-old man; The murder occurred in a rural establishment located at kilometer 237 of Route 14, in Villa del Carmen, Peach.

The murderer cut the throat and stabbed the victim with a knife, whose death was confirmed after a medical service provided assistance.

The neighbor who tried to avoid the attack was shot by the murderer, which triggered his death.

The authorities found the femicide under a tree near the property where the incident occurred. The subject had a bullet in the head with which she tried to kill herself, but could not. The medical staff assisted him and stabilized him before transferring him to an assistance center, where he remains in ICU.

The case is under the orbit of the Durazno prosecutor of the 2nd shift, Hermes Antúnez. The official indicated that it is a case of double homicide. However, the murderer still cannot receive imputation since it is expected by the evolution of his clinical picture.

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