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Man who tried to abuse two little sisters was arrested

The driver who ran over two motorcycle assailants yesterday, was released by the Prosecutor’s Office when it was determined that he acted in legitimate defense.

The prosecutor María Estefanía González communicated the dismissal of the case of the driver and his son who ran over motorcycles after an attempted robbery.

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In this regard, González added that After analyzing the elementsBoth the father and his son were released. Meanwhile, today both declared and, consequently, the decision to dismiss the case was made by the intervening agent.

The robbery attempt was recorded yesterday on Bartolomé de las Casas street, between Carios and Indio Francisco, in the city of Asunción, after the driver’s son got out of the vehicle to make a balance load.

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According to the victim’s account, at the time of hearing the first shots decided bow his head and speed up to escape from the place, but in his attempt to flee, ran over the thieves’ motorcycleone of them was trapped under the vehicle and died, the other was thrown to the pavement and suffered lower limb fractures.

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