Man who stole more than a million dollars at Tocumen Airport is sentenced to 14 years in prison

The Second Section of Crimes Against Economic Patrimony achieved a sentence of 14 years in prison, as author, for Mr. Erasmo Antonio Otero Rodríguez, for the crime of aggravated robbery of more than one million balboas, which occurred in the year 2021 , at the facilities of the DHL company, money that was intended for the United States Federal Reserve for its replacement.

In the hearing, in which Prosecutor Elizabeth Carrión participated, the Public Ministry presented the elements that linked the sentenced person to the punishable act, presenting a sentence agreement, after Otero Rodríguez accepted responsibility for the criminal act, which was validated, by the guarantee judge Jiseika Ledezma, issuing conviction No. 1719 and as an accessory penalty, established the prohibition of carrying a firearm for a period of 10 years, once the main sentence has been served.

The events occurred on October 6, 2021, at approximately 1:55 am at the Tocumen cargo airport when the sentenced person, in the company of other people yet to be identified, managed to seize 1 million 504 thousand balboas at the facilities of the DHL company. The assailants entered the cargo area of ​​the company in question, aboard a white pick-up labeled with the logo and the number 58, pretending to be from the airport security fleet. They dressed similar to the security workers and, through violence and intimidation using firearms, subdued the security personnel and seized 10 bags of money that the National Bank of Panama gave to the BRINKS company to transport them to the airport, whose destination was the United States Federal Reserve. Executed the fact they fled.

The apprehension of the sentenced person took place through the Emperor operation, carried out in the province of Coclé, on January 21, 2022, by the Public Ministry in coordination with the National Police

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