Man who imitated crucified Jesus was saved from being electrocuted by falling with the cross

Man who imitated crucified Jesus was saved from being electrocuted by falling with the cross

Holy Week is a time of reflection in which many people who are faithful believers in the Catholic religion tend to recreate Biblical scenes to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

For this reason, the Stations of the Cross is one of the most popular activities and tends to be carried out especially on Good Friday, where the residents relive the moments of pain experienced by the son of God at the time he was crucified on a cross.

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This was replicated in Quetzaltenango (Guatemala), after a community of believers gathered to do this type of activity, where the ideal was that a man who was pretending to be crucifiedwas raised to commemorate these dates, even within the video it is possible to observe cHow people pull him by some ropes and apparently everything is normal within the event.

However, minutes later, as they pulled the cross straight, the man went tilting after the people who were pulling the ropes saw the ascent of this replica complicated. For this reason, the subject began to fall slowly on some high-voltage power lines, so he was saved from being electrocuted.

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The small click that has become viral through social networks, brought with it the reaction of Internet users, who did not hesitate to leave tAll kinds of messages, some in favor and others against these religious practices.

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