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Man who abused his 8-year-old neighbor managed to be sentenced

Prosecutor Benjamín Vera, from Penal Unit No. 5 of Cordillera, represented the Public Ministry in the Oral and Public Trial faced by a man, who was found guilty for the commission of the punishable act of Sexual Abuse of Children.

The defendant was sentenced by a Sentencing Court to 14 years of imprisonmentwhere a girl who was 8 years old at the time of the event was the victim.

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The data indicates that the little girl was alone with her younger brother – since his mother and relatives left the house early to go to work – when the depraved took advantage and entered the house to systematically commit sexual acts.

He fact was recorded inside a house in the city of Tobatí in the year 2021.

The now doomed threatened the girl that if she revealed what happened, her mother would go to jail, which is why the affected woman could not immediately state the fact.

The entrance Man who abused his 8-year-old neighbor managed to be sentenced was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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