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The controversy that divided positions in the Catholic Church shows signs of coming to an end. This from positions that now come down from the group that supported the controversial professor, accused of alleged sexual harassment.

Considered the power that sustains the continuity of Christian Kriskovich, the rector of the UCA Narciso Velázquez indicated that they will abide by whatever comes after the visit of the Vatican inquisitor, Jordi Bartomeu, on the Belén Wittingslow case.

Velázquez admitted that the conflict in question (complaint -without resolution- of sexual harassment) is about to celebrate 10 years of dispute. He argued that the delay is explained by the legal mechanics that govern the Catholic University of Asunción.

And that the advice of Cardinal Adalberto Martinez, who asked that Kriskovich be removed from office, must first be contrasted with the legality that regulates the operation of the UCA.

“In the first place, the Catholic University has a Governing Council that receives the request and that Council has decided to carry out an audit of what was done at that time, in 2014,” he said.

Velázquez meant that they, the directors of the institution, cannot “afford” to make decisions outside the regulations of the entity.

“If we can afford to respect all instances and rights of people. And that is what we are looking to do, so that it is transparent according to the regulations of the UCA, that is our commitment ”, the priest Velázquez told 730 AM.

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He pointed out that after the investigation opened by the envoys of Pope Francis, to collect data on the conflict, there will be a clearer picture to make decisions in the ecclesiastical field.

“We are waiting for the results of the studies that were carried out in this regard. Now these visitors have arrived who have also done their homework to listen about it, ”he said.

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