Man killed in La Puya belonged to a gang

Man killed in La Puya belonged to a gang

The man who cashes the National Police shot to death this Sunday afternoon in the capital’s sector the puja of Deep Creek He allegedly belonged to a gang of criminals and was known as “Nanito”, according to a source reported to this medium.

The alleged criminal was killed during the shooting while several police officers entered an alley in the Arenita sector in the puja in the continuation of the operation launched by the Government a few days ago against crime.

According to reports, the deceased today confronted the agents when he found out about the operation and had barricaded himself in a house.

There are several videos of the police offensive circulating on the internet. In one of them, various agents are seen entering the area and a large shooting is heard and a person exclaims “They already killed him”.

The source told Free Journal that “Nanito” was a member of a criminal gang led by a person only identified as Ishmael. Also that the deceased was seized with a revolver with non-readable numbers.

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