Man found dead after injuring three women

Man found dead after injuring three women

An men 47-year-old was found hanged after injuring three women with machetes in the El Invi sector of the municipality Yamasáin mount silver.

Robert Jimenez de la Cruz was found hanged Friday night after wounding his wife with a machete Alicia Magayanes, 32 years old; to her mother-in-law Felicia Mars56 years old already Lonna Yelisa Cuevas Fermin19 years old.

“Until now, the circumstances that motivated Jiménez de la Cruz to commit the act are unknown,” he said. Diego Pesqueira, spokesman for the National Police, to Diario Libre. However, suicide is presumed.

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The Police spokesman said he did not know where the ladies were admitted and their state of health.

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