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Man died after being hit by a truck on Artigas Boulevard

A man died on Wednesday morning after a truck hit him when he tried to cross Artigas Boulevard.

The incident occurred around 7:30 am at the intersection between Artigas Boulevard and General Flores Avenue. According to what was said by witnesses to Underlined, the deceased was waiting in the central flowerbed of the street when he dropped his cell phone. The man bent down to pick it up, at which point the haul truck ran over him.

Agents from the Scientific Police and personnel from the Municipality of Montevideo were present at the site, diverting traffic for more than two hours. Likewise, representatives of the company for which the trucker works were present.

The driver of the vehicle, who crossed the street with the green light enabling it, was very affected by the event and required medical assistance.

At first the authorities could not identify the deceased man, but later they were able to verify that it was a 57-year-old person.

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