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Man convicted of child abuse, child pornography and homosexual acts

The man systematically abused his stepson, then did the same with his ex-partner’s nephew. He was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Prosecutor Carlos Antonio Almada managed to convict 18 years in prison for a man, who was found guilty of child sexual abuse, child and adolescent pornography, and homosexual acts with minors.

The victims turned out to be his stepson and nephew of his ex-partner.

The oral and public trial concluded last Monday in the Judiciary of Ciudad del Este, when the prosecutor produced numerous evidence that was decisive for the application of the sanction.

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The Sentencing Court made up of judges Evangelina Villalba, Lourdes Morínigo and Oscar Gabriel Genez.

Background of the case

The complaint about the case was made on August 25, 2020 by the woman, who is mother and aunt at the same time of the victims.

It stated that on August 23 of that year, the man he came home drunkhe went in to shower and when he left he began to watch a movie on his cell phone, until he fell asleep.

Since the volume was high, the woman grabbed the mobile, seeing several messages from her nephew, who was 13 years old at the time. Upon checking, she realized that they were conversations of sexual content that the abuser kept with the child.

Consequently, he kicked him out of the house and began to investigate his nephew, who confirmed that he was repeatedly groped by the sentenced man, who also showed him his genitals and also showed him pornographic films.

Later, the woman discovered that your son, who was 19 years old at the time, also turned out to be victim of abuse by man.

After the complaint, the young man gave a statement and reported that since he was 13 years old, he was systematically sexually abused by his stepfather. However, he said that when he turned 15 he resisted and no longer allowed the man to touch him.

He stated that for shame preferred to silence the fact, also to prevent her mother from having a fight with the sexual offender.

In pursuit of the investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office opened the process against the abuserwho finally knew his sentence this Monday during the conclusion of the public debate.

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He must serve his sentence in the Ciudad del Este Regional Penitentiary.

The identity of the convicted person is kept confidential to preserve the victims, as stipulated in the Childhood and Adolescence Code.

Woman assaulted her ex-partner with a bottle: she was denounced by her ex-father-in-law

The complaint states that the 29-year-old man was brutally beaten by his ex-partner and another person when he visited his daughter.

The father of a 29-year-old young man denounced yesterday before the police post No. 12 at km 11 Acaray that his son’s ex-partner in the company of another subject beat his firstborn to a pulp and left him lying unconscious in the street.

The complainant said that the victim left on Sunday night bound for his ex-partner’s house to visit his daughter, however, around 10:00 p.m. they told him that he himself had been brutally assaulted and was taken to the hospital.

Gustavo Palma Marecos, 29, was the victim of a tremendous beating, and is admitted to the trauma ward in Ciudad del Este, with a reserved prognosis, since as a result of the blows he suffered he had a cardiac arrest and the doctors managed to revive him. .

The young man has injuries to his head and face that were apparently caused by a bottle.

Lucio Palma, 53 years old, father of the victim, residing in the house located at km 12 Acaray, Loma Porã fraction of this city, said that his son left his house to go to the home of his ex-partner, Liz Carolina Ozuna Rodas, who in the company of another man would have attacked the young man for unknown reasons.

The Police are investigating the case and also communicated the serious fact to the prosecutor on duty in Ciudad del Este for the corresponding investigations.

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