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Man charged with appropriating $100,000

Prosecutor Edgar Torales filed charges against a man for allegedly appropriating 100,000 US dollars.

Is about Nilton Daniel Gadea Fariña (30), residing in the San José neighborhood of Ciudad del Este, who was made available to Justice.

The complaint against him was filed by a woman identified as María Celeste Ocampos Alarcón, who said that on January 23, 2020, he delivered the 100,000 dollars to the defendant today, an amount that she received as an advance on an inheritance from her mother Bartola Alarcón.

The delivery of the millionaire amount was made before the notary public Gladys Beatriz Villalba, in the presence of Mrs. Vannya Guillén (wife of the defendant), Sannie Ana María Silvero Sánchez and Diego Nicolás Pratt.

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Gadea Fariña signed a promissory note for the amount in question, with the corresponding signature certification, and the obligation to return the money in full on January 23, 2021. Said sum was for the acquisition of a duplex located in the San José neighborhood of the capital of Alto Paraná, which was effectively completed.

However, at When the deadline set for the return of the money arrived, Nilton Daniel allegedly did not comply with the signed agreement, for which it was denounced by the victim before the Public Ministry. After an exhaustive analysis of the elements of suspicion, prosecutor Torales determined the prosecution of the man.

The defendant is exposed to 8 years in prison, as indicated in Article 160, paragraph 2, of the Penal Code on appropriation.

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The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that he is not opposed to the application of alternative measures to imprisonment, provided that the accused demonstrates sufficient roots before the Court and does not register a criminal record.

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