Mamani justified the gold medals for the deputies, saying that they are due to the people and that is why they have to wear them

Mamani justified the gold medals for the deputies, saying that they are due to the people and that is why they have to wear them

August 5, 2022, 10:40 PM

August 5, 2022, 10:40 PM

Supported by the Rules for Debates of the Chamber of Deputies, the president of that instance, Freddy Mamani, justified and defended the elaboration and delivery of gold-plated medals for all deputies. He assured that it would be a foul if they didn’t; but no management, since 2005, he had those jewels made.

“Now, as elected authorities we owe ourselves to the Bolivian people, therefore, their authorities must carry out the corresponding (the gold medals)as indicated by the Constitution and the regulations”, said Mamani at a press conference held in Sucre.

The Chamber of Deputies ordered to make 260 gold-plated medals for regular and alternate deputies and the president of the deputies ensures that they only comply with the regulations; Until now, only the first two presidents wore presidential medals.

“The deputies and dDeputies will identify themselves with a credential that will be granted by the Chamber for the time of their mandate. They will also use an emblem consisting of the National Shield in enameled gold, with the national colors and the legend ‘Deputy’; the use of this emblem is exclusive to the National Representatives, while their mandate lasts. For official acts and parades there will be a special badge. point i of article 24 of the regulation of debates in the lower house.

The text is not mandatory, that is to say that It is not an obligation to show off these medals. In all constitutional periods, deputies and deputies wore a pin of a national shield that was placed on the lapel, the men and on the blanket, the women. Now Mamani arranged a medal for his colleagues.

“According to our regulations, we would be committing a foul.because it is established that the parliamentarian in official acts must wear their badges”, justified the president of the deputies.

It is the third time that Mamani approves a controversial project to benefit the deputies, in July 2021 he ordered to acquire imported furniture for the new building, which caused a conflict with national suppliers. He stepped forward assuring that those who were going to assemble the furniture were Bolivian workers.

In March of this year sent to give away viagra pills to the deputies, on Father’s Day, which caused the ridicule of opponents and officials. He also argued that these pills were used to combat the coronavirus and it was done on medical recommendation.

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