Enzo Malán

Malán: «ASSE tells us something that in reality it is not»

The deputy for the Broad Front, Enzo Malán, maintains a critical position before ASSE regarding the management they maintain in Soriano Hospitals. When consulted in an interview with Panorama 1410, he expressed that “the health issue in the department is angry.”

The mutualist Cams de Dolores announced last year the closure of its surgical and maternity block, in which Malán explains that “when a private company withdrew the second level of care and left only the polyclinic, ASSE, which bought certain services from it, no longer It has them in its orbit. Leaving with that missing a very wide area ».

In January, the authorities reported an agreement with the Evangelical Hospital to complement these services, covering the entire population, 365 days a year, “which currently does not happen, he denounced.”

«They always announce with great fanfare something that does not happen»

Among other issues, he recalled that last year the Chairman of the ASSE Board of Directors, Leonardo Cripriani, “initiated” a CTI at the Mercedes Hospital. That it was going to be in use this year and «now there is only a piece of paper that says: the CTI is going to be here».

In this regard, Malán expressed that they postponed it for a year due to lack of budget, “promising things, that hopefully they will be solved, but in reality it is not like that.”

Among several issues that cover health in the department, there is also the lack of medication. “We received information requesting reports, but they gave it up late and scarcely. We made a request for a report on the lack of medicines in the Mercedes and Dolores Hospitals and the answer is categorical: No”. But in Mercedes, the deputy emphasizes, that there were posters from the Pharmaceutical where they reported missing ampoules, “so that is somewhat contradictory.”

Are there missing or not? They tell us something that in reality is not. From ASSE they affirm that the medication was bought and is there but it does not arrive », she questioned.

Budget for interior development

On the other hand, continuing with budget issues, Malán expressed that “the interior has to be present and has to be developed in all areas.” In this sense, he explained that for the interior to also develop “it supposes a correct redistribution of wealth and budgetary actions.”

«The last Government in the Rendering of Accounts, for example, carried out a university development throughout the territory and in this period progress was going to be made in the Southwest center. That was not achieved because the current administration did not allocate an adequate budget », he concluded.

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