Maduro: We must achieve total and free opening on the border with Colombia

Maduro: We must achieve total and free opening on the border with Colombia

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, said on Monday that between Venezuela and Colombia “we must reach a total and free opening on the border” and it will be beneficial for both nations.

“We are coordinating all the details so that this first step that we are going to take is an auspicious step to move towards a total, absolute and free opening of the entire border between Colombia and Venezuela,” Maduro stressed.

From the 4F Barracks in the 23 de Enero parish in Caracas, during a meeting with Governors and Mayors of the country, the Head of State explained that all the details are being fine-tuned for a satisfactory and happy opening. “The coordination for the joint security plans is already taking place.”

Maduro announced that a multidisciplinary commission made up of the Executive Vice President, three governors and seven mayors, will present a draft Tax Harmonization Law for the construction of the new post-oil rentier model.

1×10 of the Good Government

The National President reported that the meeting reviewed specific issues of the work agenda of the Bolivarian Government.

“We have carried out an evaluation of the projects of the Federal Government Council for the year 2022 and what the works map will be for the year 2023,” he said.

In this sense, he explained that through the 1×10 Good Governance System, 68% of the complaints received through the VenApp regarding water have been addressed. “We must be on top of problems to solve them,” she added.

He explained that the goal for 2022 is to guarantee 95% of the water supply to the Venezuelan people.

Swearing-in of street, community and Ubch chiefs

On the other hand, Maduro reported that as of this Thursday, September 22, the street, community and UBCh chiefs elected by the people will be sworn in and where the new manual will be delivered to them.

«We started throughout the national geography. They are going to receive the orientations and they are going to be given the updated manual on what the collective direction is like », he limited.

In this regard, he stressed the call to abandon “the methods of individualism” in order to meet the needs of the people.

“I insist again on the need for us to be consistent with the values ​​of shared, supportive, humble leadership,” he said.

  • Maduro: We must achieve total and free opening on the border with Colombia
  • Maduro: We must achieve total and free opening on the border with Colombia
  • Maduro: We must achieve total and free opening on the border with Colombia

Academic activities

During the activity, the Dignitary announced that academic activities will begin on October 3.

“We are going to have the entire school year in class, the pandemic already under control, taking the measures that have to be taken,” he pointed out.

Likewise, Maduro urged the Venezuelan people to continue taking care of themselves against covid-19. “The pandemic is not over, that there is greater control with vaccination and care is one thing, but it is not over and covid is not a flu.”

Social Missions

The President of the Republic detailed that the National Executive, together with the regional and local governments, is working on a plan that leads to the improvement of the Social Missions, so that each public policy improves the fulfillment of its objectives and the reduction of of poverty.

This plan will be executed during the first quarter of 2023, detailed President Maduro.

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