Nicolás Maduro y Manuel Marrero

Maduro: “We have decided to make a creative refoundation of cooperation” with Cuba

MIAMI, United States.- Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro said this week that his country will further deepen its close relations with Cuba, after holding a meeting with the island’s prime minister, Manuel Marrero, who arrived in Venezuela last Monday. April 9 on official visit.

The new stage of cooperation seeks to address the new challenges that both countries will have in the next decade, Maduro said, in addition to reviewing the state of the current cooperation treaty between the two nations.

The Venezuelan leader assured in statements to the state-owned Venezolana de Televisión that he will soon visit Cuba. Once on the island, he explained, he will hold a series of meetings that laid the foundations for this new stage of cooperation between Caracas and Havana.

“We have decided to make a creative, creative, profound refoundation so that our cooperation is adapted to the new times, to the new era and allows a positive impact on the social life, the economic life, the cultural life of the people of Cuba and the people of Venezuela. “, he pointed.

The Venezuelan dictator did not offer details on cooperation issues or those that will be analyzed in Cuba. His statements come after the meeting with Marrero, who came to Venezuela to discuss how to improve existing agreements between the two nations.

“There is mutual agreement that it is time to review [los acuerdos] and see how we adjust them to these new times. But not to weaken that agreement, but to perfect and strengthen it,” Marrero told reporters.

“In any circumstance, we are going to continue cooperating with Venezuela and not offering what we have left over, but sharing what we have (…) We are going to continue defending Venezuela, defending and supporting President Maduro,” added the Cuban official.

Cuba and Venezuela maintain a close political alliance, initiated by the late Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez. This alliance has been consolidated over the years, in which they have mutually cooperated in various fields, such as health, education and energy.

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