Maduro: Unstoppable Housing Mission towards 5 million homes

Maduro: Unstoppable Housing Mission towards 5 million homes

«The Great Mission living place Venezuela is unstoppable” and is heading towards five million homes built, for the living and happiness of the people, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted on Monday.

Through a message on his account on the social network Twitter, the Head of State stressed that the Great Mission living place and Venezuela are on the right path in history, because they are moving forward with “loving effort” for the living of Venezuelans.

«The Great Housing Mission Venezuela is unstoppable. The course is clear to us: 5 million or more. Let’s go ahead in this loving effort for the construction of living by living and the happiness of the people. It’s the Right Path!” the President said on Twitter.

Throughout this year 2022, the Great Housing Mission Venezuela, together with the support of the national, regional, municipal Government and People’s Power, has advanced in the delivery of decent homes to the people.

President Maduro, in another message on Twitter, stressed that Venezuela will end this year 2022 on the offensive, in clear improvement and with indisputable progress, despite the economic blockade.

«Venezuela ends the year 2022 on the offensive, in clear improvement and with indisputable progress. Much remains to be done, but we are determined to continue pushing forward for collective happiness, economic prosperity, social recovery and the strengthening of democracy,” he said on Twitter.

Since the year 2011

The Great Mission living place Venezuela began in 2011, under the leadership of Commander Hugo Chávez, who with love and effort met the social debt owed to thousands of Venezuelan families who did not have access to their own roof.

«This project was born as a social program to guarantee housing for the people, it was born from a natural disaster to give an answer to the town in 2010. Today it is also willing to replace the houses with everything that has been lost due to the rains. Now it has also hit the state of Miranda and La Guaira hard and we must continue moving forward,” President Nicolás Maduro said in a statement in October of this year during the delivery of the 4 million 200 thousand milestone in Miranda.

Likewise, the Head of State has reiterated on several occasions that despite the economic blockade, the Bolivarian Government will continue the effort to bring living to the people.

“In the midst of the difficulties, sanctions and the economic war of imperialism against the Venezuelan people, the Great Housing Mission Venezuela has not stopped the victorious pace of construction of decent homes,” he posted on Twitter.

Hand in hand with the Minister for Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, the Gran Misión Vivienda continues to move firmly by maintaining permanent surveillance of construction sites in the different states of the country.

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