Maduro to Capriles: Your political objective is economic war

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Monday that the narrative of the pre-candidate for the far-right primaries Henrique Capriles Radonski points towards an economic war.

“Henrique Capriles, the man appears, the ghost appears (…) Like a ghost he appears in the streets to lie because he is a presidential candidate,” he added.

Maduro questioned that far-right leaders intend to set themselves up as presidential candidates, after questioning the transparency of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and calling for abstention as a mechanism of political pressure.

“From one day to the next they forgot about it, now they are candidates again. What do they seek? Why are they candidates? What are they looking for?” the President wondered.

During the broadcast of the programWith Maduro +“, the head of state pointed out that Capriles is aiming for his own objectives in the electoral campaign. “They (the extreme right) are not going to campaign, that ultra-right that is being summoned to run candidacies, what they want is war and the economic destruction of Venezuela.”

Likewise, Maduro was emphatic in pointing out that the far-right campaign points to a vital element “that we have worked on with national production.” “Because the time of Cadivi is over and the time of the petrodollars is over.”

In this regard, the national President reported that Venezuela, to date, has a supply of 97% of the national market, achieved with effort and Venezuelan production.

He President Maduro He denied the statements made by Henrique Capriles about an alleged decrease in the level of purchase of products abroad. “It’s false,” he sentenced.

Complementary import growth

In this regard, he reported that complementary imports in the first half of 2023 are 23% higher compared to the same period of the previous year.

He pointed out that during the first half of 2023, 49,300 containers entered with complementary imports, which indicates a significant increase compared to 2022 when the entry of 38,400 containers was registered.

“That is economic health. Capriles, you peeled again for false, ”she stressed. She called on the business sector that produces or imports goods and services in the country to unite in order to advance national development. “To keep the economy on its recovery course until we get to a better state.”

Keep an eye on the people

Likewise, Maduro called on the Venezuelan people to be alert against the hidden plans of the far-right candidacies, “because they always come with a card up their sleeve: to economic warfare, to destabilize the country, to damage recovery efforts ”.

He called on the people to reinforce communication strategies in the media, Social Networks (RRSS) and walls with the purpose of publicizing the popular mobilizations of the revolutionary forces that are taking place in the national territory.

In this regard, he recalled the importance of “multiplying and making the people visible in communication, because they have censored the self-convocation made by the people (…) it is a local force that is rising from the communities and that tells fascism they will not return!” .

“I call on the people to defend peace, in addition to rejecting the hatred that they want to raise and the repudiation of the sanctions, the blockade,” he declared.

The responses of President Nicolás Maduro are due to a message spread by Capriles on his Twitter social network account, @hcapriles, where the extreme right-wing leader assured on Tuesday, July 4, that “the regime suffocates those who try. Products are scarce”, quoting a press release published by Unión Radio, titled: La Guaira Customs officers register close to 70% drop in imports”.


Alluding to the statements by the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, who affirmed that the illegal sanctions against Venezuela are “a crime against humanity”, the Dignitary pointed out that Venezuelans are crying out for justice against those who promoted the imposition of the economic blockade and foreign intervention.

“The Venezuelan people demand justice because there are those who called for Venezuela to be invaded by foreign soldiers, there are those who called for Venezuela to be occupied militarily, there are those who called for sanctions, to prepare the sanctions they asked for it is public, notorious and communicational.”

He stressed that the extreme right boasted in 2018, 2019 and in 2020 “they boasted when they spoke, we must sanction, we achieved sanctions, maximum pressure (…) All of them (Extreme Right) called for the blockade and the the sanctions”.

“There has to be justice,” he insisted.

Maduro rejects interference

Asserting that unilateral coercive measures threaten the Venezuelan economy, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, rejected the imposition of any intention of the US empire to condition the purchase of petroleum products.

He questioned the conditions of the US government in the sale of liquefied gas to Venezuela, authorized until July 10, 2024, reports the Presidential Press.

“This is the imperial model that seeks to impose and perpetuate the empire of the United States against Venezuela,” the President declared, emphasizing that Venezuela, like all nations in the world, is a free and sovereign country.

“How is it that they are going to give licenses? What’s that? (…) Are we going back to the time of the Guipuzcoan Company?, to the colonial time where Venezuela could not go out and buy what it wanted and needed in the world? ”, She questioned.

Along these lines, he rejected any sanction that threatens the development and consolidation of the country’s economy, while confirming that Venezuela advocates economic and trade freedom, as well as the lifting of coercive measures.

“We have to get rid of the empire, build a totally free, strong and economically prosperous country (…) Venezuela is not a gringo colony that needs their licenses and permits, no! Enough of sanctions! He emphasized.

Octopus fishing reached 50%

During the broadcast of the “Con Maduro +” program, the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Juan Carlos Loyo, reported that a week and a half after the start of the octopus harvest, which occurred on Saturday, July 1, 50 % of the total production of the year 2022. So far, 780 tons have been recorded.

“Last year we had a catch of 1,482 tons, this year in a week and a half we reached 50% of what it was last year, that is, 780 tons,” he specified.

He explained that a team of biologists, researchers and specialists from the Ministry of Popular Power for Fisheries and Aquaculture is deployed in the fishing ports of Pampatar and Los Cocos, located in the state of Nueva Esparta, which in order to guarantee sustainability in the capture and octopus preservation.

“The entire team of the Ministry of Fisheries is in the fishing ports, ensuring a healthy commercialization that complies with the cost structure, promoting the development of the export sector and national consumption,” he explained.

Loyo, meanwhile, pointed out that sardine fishing rose 11% compared to 2022, as well as canned production, which stands at 17%. On the other hand, canned tuna production increased 76%.

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