Maduro: The US eliminated the possibility of success of the Summit of the Americas

Maduro: The US eliminated the possibility of success of the Summit of the Americas

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed that Washington has been in charge of erasing any possibility of success of the Summit of the Americas, after excluding three countries from the region.

“The US government itself was in charge of stabbing the possibility of success of this summit,” he said in an interview with the radio program Dialogo Internacional, broadcast by Radio del Sur.

In this sense, Maduro thanked and highlighted the courage of more than 25 countries on the continent, who expressed their solidarity and rejection of the exclusion policies of the US government.

«It is intended to hold a summit, but that is not a summit and less of the Americas. Almost 90% of the governments of the continent have had the courage, in different ways, to express their protest against exclusion », he asserted.

“The meeting in Los Angeles where they intend to hold a Summit of the Americas is a contradiction. That is not a Summit, it is a meeting!” he added.

Recently, the United States, host country of the event to be held in the city of Los Angeles, from June 6 to 10, denied the invitation to Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Washington points out that its refusal is due to the fact that the governments of these three countries disrespect human rights.

The decision of the Joe Biden administration drew criticism from several heads of state and governmentas well as political and social leaders and international organizations.

The countries that make up the Community of Caribbean States (Caricom) have already warned that they will not attend the diplomatic meeting.


The president stressed that the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandezwill attend the Summit of the Americas on behalf of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

“It seems very good to me that he brings the voice of Latin America and the Caribbean to the meeting of the Americas,” he added.

The Head of State commented that he recently spoke with Fernández in “a friendly conversation, I could say full of good energy.”

Fernández is “a colleague who wants to help Venezuela and the region,” he said, adding that “in all his trips he speaks of the need to lift the sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba.”

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