Maduro summons the national union to face corruption

Maduro summons the national union to face corruption

The president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, convened this Thursday the civic-military-police union, to face the acts of corruption that have been detected in different institutions.

“We are in perfect civic-military-police union facing the mafia, the corrupt and advancing in a productive country,” said the head of state during a working day.

“I summon the people of Venezuela in a civic-military-police union. I believe in the people, in values ​​and in the human being, I believe in the sublime values ​​of the human being, who gives himself out of love for his homeland”, added the National President.

Likewise, President Maduro reaffirmed his commitment to impart justice against those who decided to rob the people.

“We are going to stop the corrupt, whoever falls. I call on the people to this great battle that we are waging for values, against corruption, mafias, and indolence,” stressed the Venezuelan president.

Similarly, he referred to fugitive from justice Leopoldo Lópezwho camouflaged himself as a representative of an NGO to speak ill of Venezuela at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

During his speech, López – in addition to ignoring the advances in the field of human rights that has been implemented in the country -, asked that the more than 900 sanctions promoted by the United States government be maintained.

“Someday rats like Leopoldo López will be behind bars, they will pay sooner rather than later,” he concluded.

It should be remembered that as part of this fight against the mafias, the National Police against Corruption began this Thursday the second phase of the operation “Caiga who falls”, as part of the actions promoted by the National Government to deal with this scourge in public and private institutions and companies.

This second operation involves the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana (CVG).

The operation was carried out after the investigations carried out by the National Executive, as well as the statements provided by the criminal network in the case. called PDVSA-Crypto.

In the latter, more than 20 people are in custody, of which 19 have already been brought before the courts.

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