Maduro says he has 50 “wonderful” gas projects for investors

Maduro says he has 50 “wonderful” gas projects for investors

President Nicolás Maduro said that Venezuela is ready and prepared to supply the oil and gas market in a stable and secure manner. He asserted that the investment portfolios have all the legal guarantees for those who wish to invest in producing gas in the nation and taking it to international markets.

The leader Nicolás Maduro assured that his government has more than 50 first-rate gas projects with legal guarantees, so that international investors can invest and produce gas in the nation and take it to international markets.

The assertion was made on the night of Wednesday, September 14, from the Ayacucho room of the Miraflores Palace, during the reception of the Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Haitham Al Ghais.

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“Venezuela is ready and prepared to supply the oil and gas market in a stable and safe way,” he said without revealing further details about the supposed “investment portfolio.”

On the other hand, he asserted that the country, in coordination with OPEC+, has recovered the oil and petrochemical industry “from the corruption of a mafia that sank its claws.” He did not mention that in the last 20 years the state companies have been directed by officials of the so-called “socialism”, originally promoted by the late Hugo Chávez.

The meeting discussed the work agenda on energy matters. He stated that he points to the expansion of the gas industry. Maduro said, during his right to speak, he called it important that the OPEC nations continue to guarantee that oil does not skyrocket, but instead seek stability in the price market. He called it necessary for the organization to act so that the cost of crude remains around $100.

He called it necessary to work to expand and increase the production of refined petroleum products as “we have increased the production of fertilizers in the world.” Maduro asserted that it is also an objective to achieve the expansion of OPEC + and take control of the oil market.

He condemned the sanctions that have been imposed against his government and countries like Russia. He noted that member nations have had to navigate these complexities alongside OPEC. He assured that the organization had to recover the oil price market between 2016 and 2019, then face the consequences derived from the coronavirus, where oil came to be priced below zero dollars.

OPEC welcomes alliance with Maduro

Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami was also at the meeting. The head of the ministerial portfolio asserted that to overcome energy poverty it is necessary for nations to continue working on the balance of industries.

“We have said that Venezuela is part of an irreplaceable equation to generate changes in oil matters. We are (the OPEC countries) who are united to continue guaranteeing a reliable supply to the peoples of the world », he said from the Ayacucho room.

Haitham Al Ghais, for his part, recognized the role that Venezuela has in the world, by supplying oil. He celebrated that the nation is one of the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world. He predicted good times for the oil market as long as nations work together.

“Oil will continue to be a central part of energy demand. The solution is not to say that oil is harmful, the solution is to work with technology to use crude oil as a factor for economic growth. It is of interest to the OPEC countries,” he added.

Al Ghais, who holds the position for the period 2022-2025, arrived in Venezuela in the afternoon. The schedule of activities in Venezuela included a visit to the Mausoleum of the Liberator, where he honored Simón Bolívar; as well as a tour of the spaces of the exhibition “Venezuela, energetic power”, installed at the headquarters of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) La Campiña.

The work agenda included a meeting with the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, where opinions were exchanged on strategic alliances with Venezuela, its challenges and challenges in the near future.

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