Maduro ratifies G/J Padrino López as Minister of Defense

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Thursday the ratification of the military high command and the G/J Vladimir Padrino Lopez in the position of Minister of People’s Power for Defense.

Similarly, he announced that G/J Domingo Hernández Lárez was ratified in the position of commander of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb). Likewise, the commanders of the Army, Militia and Bolivarian National Guard were ratified.

During the Joint Graduation Act to the Rank of Lieutenants, Corvette Lieutenants and Retirement of the Classes of 1989 of the FANB, he reported the appointment of General José Gregorio Moreno, as Chief of Staff of the Operational Strategic Command.

Likewise, he appointed General Santiago Infante as Commander of the Bolivarian Military Aviation and Admiral Aníbal Brito as Commander of the Bolivarian National Navy.

From the Patio of Honor of the Military Academy in Caracas, he highlighted that a total of 944 cadets from the different military academies of the four components of the FANB were promoted to the ranks of lieutenants and lieutenants.

“This is a very special act full of many feelings of hope from the military youth who today receive their promotion to lieutenant lieutenant in an honorable manner due to their own merits, studies and dedication.”

The also commander in chief of the FANB thanked the 244 Class of 1989 Patriots They go into active retirement “after having completed a brilliant military career” for their dedication, commitment and loyalty to the Venezuelan people in the exercise of their functions.

“You are an example, you are a beacon of what a professional career full of values ​​and patriotism, of love and loyalty, of Bolivarianism should be. A complete military career, from end to end, from the first day they entered this Academy, until today when they deliver their places standing up and victorious, this is how a complete, victorious military career should be, full of love, of patriotism. , full of dedication, of sacrifices. I congratulate you! ”, He highlighted.

Maduro ratifies G/J Padrino López as Minister of Defense
President Maduro leads the act of joint promotion at the UMBV. Photo: Presidential Press

«The class of 1989 are an example for you guys who are graduating today, they are a beacon of what a professional career full of values, patriotism, courage, loyalty, a complete military career should be, from end to end from the The first day they entered this academy to this day that they deliver their places standing and victorious, this is how a military career should be, complete, successful, full of love and patriotism, “he added.

In recent days, more than 15,000 military personnel from the five components have been promoted.

On July 4, the national president swore in 219 officers and on Saturday the 2nd he also granted promotions to members of the Presidential Honor Guard and the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim).

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