Maduro promises to bring drinking water to 95% of homes by the end of 2022

Maduro promises to bring drinking water to 95% of homes by the end of 2022

The administration of Nicolás Maduro set the goal of solving 100% of breakdowns in the drinking water distribution system

The Venezuelan ruler Nicolás Maduro set himself the goal of bringing drinking water to 95% of Venezuelan homes by the end of 2022, through the solution in its totality of the failures of the entire distribution system.

“We have had to give birth to get the parts to fix the systems. December 31 a goal, 100% of the solution of breakdowns in water pipes (…) Even if we leave our skin. We have dealt with 60% of the cases », he said during a broadcast on the state-owned VTV this Thursday, August 18, in which he presented the Advances of the 1 × 10 of Good Government.

In the event, he delivered 139 vehicles for transportation, 19 buses for La Gran Caracas. “I give these communities this transport for the happiness of the families.”

The Minister of Water Services, General Rodolfo Marco Torres, assured that “we are going to meet that goal, come rain, thunder or lightning, we are working for it.”

The government recently set up technical working groups with the commercial, business and industrial sectors of the country, in which the work will be coordinated in order to build efficient mechanisms to collect and recover the deteriorated infrastructure of public services.

The Minister of National Commerce, Dheliz Álvarez, together with the sectoral vice president of Public Works and Services, General in Chief Néstor Reverol, listened to the concerns and proposals of the productive actors and coordinated a specific agenda with the sectors that work for the country.

“It is a space for inter-institutional articulation that we have convened in order to untie critical knots and be facilitators of all processes to support the national productive sector that works with the government in the country’s economic recovery,” said Álvarez.

Also Minister of Electric powerNéstor Reverol explained the importance of canceling the rates of public services that already have 75% subsidies; He stated that he was willing to coordinate payments through dation or subrogation.

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Minister General Néstor Reverol -for his part- said that from the Vice Presidency of Public Works and Services, reports of failures of public services have been followed up, as well as the goal of compliance with their solutions. “60% of the cases of drinking water breakdowns have been resolved (…) We are also preparing plans to resolve 100% of the electrical problems.”

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