Maduro presents his Report and Account "before the legitimate AN-2020"

Maduro presents his Report and Account “before the legitimate AN-2020”

The ruler Nicolás Maduro presents to the National Assembly (AN) of 2020 his Report and Account for the year 2022. “This is the third time that I am presenting my Report and Account before the legitimate National Assembly, it hurts whoever burns, it hurts whoever it hurts!” he stressed.

The governor Nicolas Maduro presents before the National Assembly (AN) of 2020 its Report and Account of the year 2022. Maduro was escorted to the chamber by a commission of deputies among which were the pro-government members Diosdado Cabello, Pedro Carrreño and Grecia Colmenares, among others, as well as Alfonso Campos and Bernabe Gutierrez, of the opposition sector that lives in this parliament.

At 5:12 in the afternoon of this Thursday, January 12, Maduro’s address began. He greeted his cabinet, members of the public powers, deputies, the governors -among which the opposition governors of Nueva Esparta (Morel Rodríguez), Cojedes (Alberto Galíndez) and Barinas (Sergio Garrido)- and the body diplomat, began his speech wishing “blessings” for all the people in this year 2023.

Maduro recalled that, in 2016, he rendered accounts before the AN of 2015 when the president was Henry Ramos Allup, as well as before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) and before the now extinct national constituent assembly.

“This is the third time that I am presenting my Report and Account before the legitimate National Assembly, burn whoever burns, hurt whoever hurts!”, he stressed.

He argued that this week he reminded Brian N. Nichols, US Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, that the 2020 NA is the legitimate one.

“Brian Nichols, President Joe Biden should know that their officials become millionaires by creating accounts to discredit Venezuela. I told Nichols, who becomes a millionaire, even thanks he should give, “he assured.

He stressed that, in Venezuela, whoever legislates, makes “public finances” and designates the authorities of the public powers “is solely and exclusively and decisively” the AN of 2020.

«There is no other. The rest is Narnia, it’s a farce. Not even the ashes were left », she asserted, referring to the opposition parliament and the interim government.

The president also described as “risible” the position of the United Kingdom to recognize the AN of 2015.

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In his presentation, Maduro divided the processes that have preceded his government into four stages. In this sense, he said that the first stage was “the time of the rebellion, the historical awakening in three years: 1989, 1992 and 1999.”

He added that the second stage was sealed by former President Hugo Chávez: from February 2, 1992 to March 5, 2013.

«The 4F of 1992 was the second stage. A historical fact added to the other (1989). Two anti-oligarchic facts, for the search for a truly democratic project, for a national project that would vindicate the way of being, the very idiosyncrasy and deep Venezuelan identity, the historical roots, in those events of 1992 when the new Bolivarianism began to rise in Venezuela “, argument.

He also recalled that on April 25, 1999, the first consultative referendum was held in the midst of a stage that he considered to be the reconstruction “of the free, popular, and republican republic in its maximum expression of social republicanism. That republic was born from the word and the debate created by the people. We who are revolutionaries and are part of a social current are proud of the historic time we have lived through and that our Bolivarian revolution was born hand in hand with the people and popular sovereignty.

He also recalled the gestation of the missions, “a process of expansion, of public investment.”

He reiterated his call to unanimously reject imperialist interventionism, “foreign interventionism in our homeland.”

Maduro also referred to a third cycle of “victorious resistance.” In this sense, the president said that “the people want peace, they do not want more guarimba, this people repudiates the guarimba and destabilization and we have connected it with the desire and desire for peace and we have managed to move forward over the difficulties.”

He argued that this third stage covers from Chávez’s departure until June 2021 when the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo was completed.

In turn, in his address, the president pointed out the “attempts to destroy the powers, to divide the National Armed Forces (FAN), of Invasion Attempts” in 2017, 2018 and 2019: “I said that we will resist, I never doubted that victory was on our side, I never doubted the popular forces, the revolutionary and patriotic commitment,” he emphasized.

He asserted that, in 2017, “we had to live through 120 days of neo-fascist insurrection (…) and we handled it constitutionally in a patient, democratic manner.”

He said that the country is experiencing a fourth stage that, he assured, is one of rebirth. “We are today in a fourth historical stage, which is a stage of rebirth of the economic, social life, of the republican liberties of Venezuela,” he said.

Maduro presents his Report and Account "before the legitimate AN-2020"

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